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G2 Pro

Introducing the G2 Pro, our updated version of the legendary Gillies pro boat. Our mold was built off of John Gillies' original plug that was modified to have a wide stern, allowing for more weight offset in the stern.

A favorite canoe of Mike Vincent, he convinced John to lend us the plug which he then dragged several 1000 kilometers to our shop so we could build a new mold. The Gillies is still the fastest and most maneuverable pro boat, the G2 makes it even better!

Kisiskâciwan (SK2)

The "Kissy" has been paddled by the winners of every major ultra endurance rec canoe race in Canada. Kisiskâciwan is the Cree word for “fast flowing” and is where the province of Saskatchewan gets its name.

The award-winning Kisiskâciwan sets a new standard for wilderness ultra marathon racing and meets the requirements for ultra marathon races like the Yukon River Quest and the Muskoka River X. It also appeals to paddlers wanting a fast efficient tripping canoe.


The Precipice from Kisseynew Canoe is the fastest Voyageur Canoe in the world! One of the longest running winning canoe in the Yukon River Quest.

This Voyageur Canoe is built to provide teams with the best possible performance for the most competitive voyageur competitions in the world. Choose the canoe used by some of the worlds best voyageur teams in Canada and abroad!


Racing Canoes

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