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G2 Pro

Introducing the G2 Pro, our updated version of the legendary Gillies pro boat. Our mold was built off of John Gillies' original plug that was modified to have a wide stern, allowing for more weight offset in the stern. 

A favorite canoe of Mike Vincent, he convinced John to lend us the plug which he then dragged several 1000 kilometers to our shop so we could build a new mold. The Gillies is still the fastest and most maneuverable pro boat, the G2 makes it even better!





Base Price


27" @ 3" WL

30 lbs


Hose Clamps

Our conveniently placed hose clamps come with thumb screws for easy setup

Hose Clamps

Foot Straps

Keep control of your position in your boat with secure foot straps

Foot Straps

Foam Seat Pads

Lightweight and comfortable foam seat pads to help you race successfully

Foam Seat Pads

Centre Deck Cover

Protect your racing canoe from taking on too much water with a centre deck cover

Centre Deck Cover

Paddle Clips

Secure your paddles with our built-in paddle clips

Paddle Clips

Our Pro Race-Ready Package

Get the most out of your Kisseynew Racing Canoe with our Pro Race-Ready Package that includes the add-ons used by the most successful paddlers out there. Get it all installed for only $500.


Get Your Order Started

Kisseynew Canoe Company is dedicated to building the best racing canoes in the world. Get an advantage in your next race with a Kisseynew Canoe built just for you!

Head over to our contact page, and reach out to Kisseynew Canoe Company to get started on your order.

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