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Moose Y-Stern

The Moose is our Y-stern freighter canoe. This is a real classic Y stern, not one of those double ended canoes with 2 feet chopped off the back. Triple keeled, flat bottom, 39" max beam, this canoe is a moose hunter's dream.

Prospector 15

The shortest in our Prospector line, the La Ronge Prospector 15 is ideal for shorter trips and solo paddlers. The 15 is a nimble craft with great maneuverability.

Prospector 16

Our most popular tripping canoe, the La Ronge Prospector 16 fits the need of most trippers, looking for an efficient yet stable craft. Ideal for week long trips, moderate rocker provides good maneuverability in whitewater yet tracks well on the large lake. Slightly deeper then the average Prospector allows for a dry ride under heavy load.

Prospector 17

Our La Ronge Prospector 17 is the longest in our series of three prospectors. This canoe is ideal for those making long trips, hauling lots of gear. Add a 3rd seat and it makes a great family tripper.


Recreational Canoes

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