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About Kisseynew Canoe

Composite Canoe Manufacturer in Saskatchewan

  Kisseynew is a lake up north of Flinflon Manitoba where Martin's grandfather had a cabin and as a young prairie boy Martins family would make the trek too a couple times per year. and this is where he developed his appreciation for the Boreal shield region. 

Kisseynew is also the name inscribed on the first canoe that Martin Built back in 1999.  A cedarstrip canoe that he and his brother Michael paddled down the Hayes River in Northern Manitoba for their first canoe trip.

Kisseynew Canoe Company was started back in 2005 when Martin and friend Matt decided to build a 26' long voyager canoe and paddle it in the Saskatchewan Centennial Canoe Quest, where he learned from local Cree along the way that Kisseynew is also a cree word that means "old wise person".  

What started out as a couples buddies building a voyager canoe in two halves in a small garage in Saskatoon, has evolved into world class canoe manufacturer building canoes on the shores of Lac La Ronge.  

Our Manufacturing Process

Layering of Materials

Once it's time to start building your brand new Kisseynew Canoe, we start prepping all the materials required for your chosen canoe. We start by measuring and cutting the materials to size, and carefully laying them into form.

Each layer is carefully installed to ensure an optimal finish, and triple-checked before the next layer is added on top of it. Once a layer is installed it can no longer be altered.

During the layering stage, we include some additional components into our canoes to allow for the installation of hidden hardware for our canoe accessories. Doing this allows us to provide you with one of the nicest looking premium canoes you can find anywhere.

Vacuum Infusion Process

The infusion stage is the most important stage in building your Kisseynew Canoe. This is the part where the Aerospace Technology comes into play to provide the canoe with it's colour, finish, and strength.

Infusion of Kisseynew Canoes is handled by a professional, as the process leaves no room for error. Everything needs to be done quickly, precisely, and completely monitored to ensure the process runs fine.


If there is any mistake during this phase, the canoe will not come out properly, and will require starting over from the beginning.

Upgrades & Accessories

After a succesful infusion of your Kisseynew Canoe, we move it over to our accessorization department. From there we begin to measure, cut, and install the typical canoe parts - such as seats, yoke, and the outter gunwales.

If you requested any additional upgrades for your Kisseynew Canoe we will begin to prepare and install them at this stage as well. Each accessory installed on your Kisseynew Canoe is hand crafted, and made to fit your canoe. Our experienced installers make sure to effectively and efficiently install your parts.

Ready To Get Started On Your Order?

Reach out to Kisseynew Canoe Company and get the process started!

Vacuum Infusion

The materials are laid down dry into the mold allowing us to strategically place the materials where is will they will supply maximum benefit and not where they will only add more weight. Each Kisseynew hull has over 20 individual pieces of material and are pre-cut prior to mold placement. 

Infusion allows for maximum compaction, void free laminate with consistent, repeatable resin to cloth ratio, resulting in the best strength to weight ratio possible.

No Gel Coat

Traditional gel coat adds approximately 10 lbs to the final weight of a canoe without adding any structural benefit. We replace the gelcoat with layers of abrasive resistant S-glass and coat the exterior with a polyurethane finish, providing a stronger, tougher, easy to repair finish. 


If you do scratch the bottom up on your canoe the original finish is easily restored by re-coating it with a couple coats of paint.

Epoxy Resin

We use epoxy resin in our carbon/kevlar laminates. In order to get the maximum benefit from aerospace materials you need to use a resin system that matches the properties of the materials.

Epoxy is complex to infuse and costs a lot more then the other resins but the final results are worth it.

Our Technology

Kisseynew canoes are built using the latest in aerospace processes and materials. Our unique build process allows us to build a fully functional canoe that is both light and strong.

Engineered Balanced Laminate

The core thickness should be engineered to match the laminate. Thick cores traditionally found in recreational canoes, make for a stiff brittle boat, which is good for racing craft but not what you want for recreational canoes. Our laminates seek to minimize core thickness or eliminate them all together.


The result is a hull that is stiff enough for recreational use but still has resilience to flex when required.

Orders & Deliveries

When you're ready to order your new Kisseynew Canoe, these are the steps required from start to finish to receive your new canoe

1. Contact Kisseynew

Reach out to Martin at Kisseynew Canoe Company and let him know what it is you're looking to get out of your new canoe.

2. Place Your Order

Once you've determine that type of canoe and upgrades best suited for your needs, you can head over to the recreational canoe page and place your order online - or order over the phone by calling Kisseynew Canoe Company.

3. Submit Deposit

Kisseynew Canoes are manufactured on a per-order basis. Your name will be added to a list in the order that deposits are paid, so it's recommended to get your deposit paid as soon as possible to guarantee your place in line.

4. Payment on Completion

Once your canoe has been manufactured and is ready for shipment/pickup you will be contacted by Kisseynew Canoe for full payment.

5. Pickup/Delivery

Kisseynew recommends your first trip in your new canoe being in Northern Saskatchewan, home to the most beautiful canoeing in the world! Grab your canoe from our shop in Air Ronge, Saskatchewan and head out to the lake or river of your choice. Contact Martin for some recommendations on the best routes in Northern Saskatchewan.

If picking up your canoe directly from us isn't an option, delivery can be arranged through a common courier or through our annual trip across Western Canada in spring. Contact Kisseynew Canoe for prices on delivery to your location.

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