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Kisseynew Canoe

Proudly Made in Northern Saskatchewan Since 2014


Choose Your Canoe Type

Whether you're looking to compete in a paddling competition, traverse through an epic backcountry journey, or just casually paddle the lake - there's a Kisseynew Canoe for you

Not Sure Which Kisseynew Is Best For You?

Reach out to us and we can help you decide which Kisseynew Canoe suits your unique needs.

Paddling Across Canada

There's no limit to where you can take your Kisseynew Canoe. Their lightweight design allows any paddler, from beginners to seasoned paddlers, to travel through different areas of the world. Our canoes have been paddled through out many areas of Canada and the US. 

Reduce your carry load by choosing to use a Kisseynew Canoe on your next adventure on the water.


Kisseynew canoes are built using the latest in aerospace processes and materials. Our process involves an epoxy resin for our carbon and kevlar laminates. No gel coats are involved in our canoe making process.


From nothing more than a roll of materials and some manual labor - our Kisseynew Canoes are hand crafted to provide the ultimate performance for wherever your paddles you. Our process guarantees a light, stiff, and durable canoe, perfect for any trip out on the water.