Price, Options & Weight


Price reflects a vacuum infused epoxy based laminate with integrated carbon inner gunnel, ash exterior gunnel, integrated seat mounts, flush mount hardware, deep dish yoke and carbon carry handles.

Upgrades & Options
Canoe Colors Kisseynew

Natural, red, orange or green.  Special camo patterns available


Cost $0

Third Seat Option Canoe

This is a great option for growing families.

Weight: 4lbs

Cost: $150

Third Seat

Protect the ends of your canoe with our kevlar felt reinforced endcaps.

Weight:.25 lbs per pair

Cost: $75 per pair

Reinforced End Caps
Canoe knee Pads

Weight: Minimal

Cost: $50 per pair

Knee Pads
Carbon Bench Seat

Our carbon framed web seat upgrade saved weight and looks great!

Weight: -3lbs per pair

Cost: $300 per pair

Carbon Framed Web Seat
Carbon Bucket Seat

Prefer bucket to web seats?  We have you covered.

Weight: -3lbs per pair

Cost: $400 per pair

Carbon Bucket Seat
Skid Plates.jpg

Our epoxy/kevlar felt skid plates take the cringe out of rocky shore landings.  Available in 3 sizes - skinny, regular, extreme.

Weight: +1.5 to 3.5 lbs

Cost: $150 per pair

Skid Plates
Loop Holes Canoe

Our sealed loop holes is our elegant solution to those who like painter loop holes.

Weight: Negligible

Cost: $100 per pair

Loop Holes

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